2/6 Newsletter – Money, Money, Money: Scholarships, FAFSA, Appealing Awards, Scholarships, and more!

HERE is the 2/6 Class of 2024 Newsletter

This is the MONEY ISSUE!

Be sure that your FAFSA is fully completed – don’t ignore request for FAFSA verification from colleges. This is an important requirement.

Check your email and admissions portals regularly!

Thinking about a GAP year? Want to get a job after you graduate? Want to apply to community college, but not sure how? See the newsletter to sign up for a new GAP Year Etc. Planning group starting soon!

Scholar Athlete? Look in the Daily Announcements for an opportunity to meet with members of the UMASS Football team to discuss sports/academic balance next week on 2/16 during A Block! You have to sign up ahead of time.

Deidre CuffeeGray, ARHS’s college and career counselor.

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