Life After ARHS Junior Overview 

Enjoy break. The link for the Junior Life After ARHS Small Group meetings is in this document.

Know that we are getting the new program to help you think about colleges and careers up and running. You can set up the small group meeting through the week after break. There are a ton of resources in the Class of 2024 Google Classroom – so sign up! Here’s the link again –

Enjoy Winter Break – there is no need to get whipped up in a frenzy about this stuff. Take care of yourselves and your people around Life After ARHS. We got you. It’s early. 

If you are at all interested – visit college admissions websites, schedule local tours, or just walk around one the Five Colleges with a group of friends…

Take it slow – refresh and renew this Winter Break.

With Great Care,

Ms. Cuffee-Gray

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