86 Days Til Graduation! Project Graduation News

1506268e21e21e935bc1d056713b1340d5228b2016 represents the 35th year of Project Graduation!   Every year, on the evening after graduation, parents of both seniors and juniors have organized a great party at the UMass Mullins Center to celebrate ARHS graduating seniors and give them a final chance to hang out and have fun. This is not a school-sponsored event! It happens every year with a lot of help from parents, business donors, and the entire community.  

The event includes dancing, a “tent city,” great food and drinks, bounces houses and obstacle course, henna tattoos, games and more.

Graduates arrive between 10:30 PM and midnight on June 10 (graduation night) and stay as late as 6 am on June 6.  You can leave early with a parent or in one of the shuttle vehicles that will be driving kids home, but you may not drive yourself to or from the event. Graduates can have one invited guest. That guest can be a junior or senior. You can drop off a tent, sleeping bag, etc., from 12-2 pm on June 10.  Just don’t bring anything illegal or dangerous!

Graduating seniors and their families are asked to donate $50 or more, but no senior will be turned away if they or their parent(s) can’t make a donation of that amount. Guests will be required to pay $35 with registration.

This event is made possible with the efforts of many parents.  The next Project Graduation meeting will be Wednesday, March 23, at 7 pm in Room 13.  Mark Jackson and Marc Keenan will join us and give us the benefits of their long perspectives on the party.   If you are a senior parent, please donate, volunteer, and register your child. If you are a junior parent, please volunteer. And everyone, please help us raise money by buying gift certificates and thanking local business supporters for helping to create a fun and safe celebration!

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