College NightTidbits for Seniors from Myra Ross

If you are planning an early application of any kind, check Naviance before you go to bed tonight to be sure that you listed the colleges you will apply to early, that you have requested a transcript for each and that the deadlines are indicated there for all to read.  Also be sure that your recommending teachers are listed.  If the college has rolling admission, see a Guidance secretary to indicate your deadline.  It is critically important for you to make sure all is right if you want your school materials to go out on time.

If you need counselor or teacher recommendations for early applications, you should have requested these a while back and you should at least have an appointment with your counselor to discuss your recommendation.  If you don’t, see Mrs. Cappelli TODAY!

You should NOT wait until deadlines to try to submit your applications.  Remember the first four letters of the word DEADline!  Assume that you might possibly have submission problems and be pleased if you don’t.  The Common App website and Naviance both have had problems on extreme high volume days!

Be sure to look at your essays after pasting them into the Common Application.  Formatting is sometimes lost.  If this happens in your case, you will need to make some repairs before submitting.

Essay day will be Thursday, November 3, during school hours.  If you would like some help with your essay, sign up with Mrs. Cappelli.  Time slots will be assigned when we get the list of students from Amherst College.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get feedback from a trained Amherst College student.

Our financial aid workshop will be on Thursday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.  If you have any questions about the FAFSA, the CSS Profile or loans, you should attend this event.  Please invite your parents to attend and consider attending yourself.  Remember, financial aid deadlines are different from admissions deadlines.  Be sure you know how to do what you need to do, by when!

If you want help completing your FAFSA in November, you can attend a FAFSA Day workshop on Sunday, November 6 at either Holyoke Community College or Turners Falls HS.  Register in advance at    ARHS will host the same workshop on Thursday, January 19.

If I have not met with you this year, please complete the Senior Questionnaire and make your appointments to meet with me.

In most cases, at this point you should be sending your SAT scores to your colleges sight unseen.  If you wait to see them before sending, it is possible that they will not arrive at colleges on time for early deadlines.  We don’t know how long it will take the College Board to get scores out this year.  Protect yourself and send your October scores today.  If you already have acceptable scores, these cannot hurt you.  If you do not, you could test again in December and switch to regular decision if you do not like the October scores when you get them next week.  Naturally, if you are using ACT scores and have not sent them yet, do it TODAY!

Please share your test scores with me via e-mail if your decisions about whether to apply somewhere early will need to take those scores into consideration.  I do not have access to your scores when you do.  We get them from the test companies about a month after you do.

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