pennies For the last 12 years, the International Students Club has sponsored an October fundraiser for UNICEF at the High School.  The club advertises the event by calling attention to the great need for education, food, clean water and medicine for children world wide. This need is especially great now with the highest number of refugees from conflict since WWII.

Called “Penny Wars for UNICEF” the club sets up in the cafeteria during lunch with milk jugs for each class and one for staff. We also have a box in the main office. The competition gets exciting as students put pennies into their own class’s jug ( 1 point each)  or higher amounts in other jugs – which subtracts points. For example a dollar will subtract 100 points ( but earn a dollar for UNICEF!)

Last year we donated $179 from the high school and the year before that $350. This year our goal is $400. Please support our fund drive by donating your spare change (or bills!) and help us reach our goal. The fundraiser lasts from October 24 to October 28.

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