Attention Seniors Considering UMass

Hello Seniors,

If you might possibly be going to UMass, there is some money out there that might just have your name on it!

  1.  John and Abigail Adams scholarship:  If you were in the top 25% of MCAS scorers in this school, you have already received a certificate entitling you to $1,714 reduction in your UMass tuition each year.  Present the certificate to the Bursar’s Office after you enroll.  (This is also good at other MA public colleges, except the Mass College of Art and Design.)
  1. Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery:  This annual $1,714 reduction in tuition is available to students who scored Advanced in one MCAS category and at least Proficient in the other two.  To receive the award, you must present additional evidence of “Mastery.”  This can be at least a 3 on two AP tests in different subject areas or SAT subject test scores that are above the published thresholds.  State or national recognition in arts or sciences can also be used.   This includes music or art All-State, a first place JETS team, as well as other recognition.  See me if you think you qualify that way.  If you are eligible, you received a letter and application from us last spring.  You must apply for the Koplik before May 26 although you can use subject test or AP scores that you receive by July.  Submit the application as well as evidence of ”Mastery” to Mrs. Tracy in room 309.  (This is also good at other MA public colleges, including the Mass College of Art and Design.)
  1. Wilbur Ward Scholarship – through the Community Foundation of Western Mass.  You must apply by March 31.  You will need to request a transcript through Naviance and include the Student Aid Report from your FAFSA.  Don’t delay on this.  If all parts are not there on time, they will not consider you.  I know, you may not know that you are going to UMass by March 31.  Apply as though you are, and decline the award if you get it and have already decided to go somewhere else.


The following awards do not require an application.  AS SOON AS you deposit at UMass, email or send a letter of interest to Scholarship Coordinator, Financial Aid Services, University of Massachusetts, 243 Whitmore Administration Building, 181 Presidents Drive, Amherst MA 01003.

  1.  Lizzie Dickinson Scholarship for female students from Amherst or Deerfield.
  1. Charles Dickinson Scholarship for students attending the University of Massachusetts who are native-born residents of the townships of Amherst, Sunderland or Leverett.

This could be the easiest money you ever earn!

And, remember that the Community Foundation of Western MA also has awards only for college upper-classmen.  Good idea to apply every year.


Myra Ross

College Advisor

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