Tidbits for Seniors: May 1 is Decision Day!

Remember, four-year colleges require your affirmative decision and deposit by May 1 in order to continue to hold a place for you. Offers of admission expire on May 1. You may deposit at only one college. See me ASAP if you need help making this decision.

If you are planning to attend a community college next year, registration for classes has already begun!

* If you have not applied yet, do it today and put your request in Naviance. See Miss Garrity for help if you need it.

* If you have applied but have not taken the Accuplacer yet, take a few hours off this week to go to campus and take the test. It takes about two hours.

* GCC will have an Open House with testing and registration on Saturday, May 4.

* HCC does not have a big Open House. They want you to take your Accuplacer test and then contact the Academic Advising Center at (413) 552-2722 for an appointment with an advisor who will help you register.

* If you are planning to attend STCC, read your particular admissions packet for instructions on how to proceed. Look for the date of the orientation session you were assigned to. If you missed it somehow, call (413) 755-3333 for instructions on what to do next!

If you are going to enroll at UMass Amherst, look in the scholarship booklet for the Charles and Lizzie Dickinson scholarships.

If you did not apply for the Hart Scholarship, think about volunteering for the selection committee. The meeting will be on Wednesday, May 15. You will miss much of a school day, how much will be determined by the number of applications to read and the length of the deliberations. The meeting will take place downtown at the Bank of America. Lunch will be provided. Participation on this committee is personally rewarding, and possibly the last service you will provide to ARHS. It will not impact your exam exemptions. See Miss Garrity to sign up.

As soon as you make your college decision, please put all decisions and the college you will attend in Naviance and complete the Graduation Survey and supplement. We cannot send your final transcript to the college of your choice without these steps. Fewer than forty of you have done it so far!

Regarding waitlists: If you are waitlisted at a college that you would really like to attend, and at which you will likely be funded adequately, be sure to take some time this week to demonstrate your continued interest. Contact the admissions counselor for Amherst. If you can, visit unless they have told you not to! Write a well-crafted letter detailing why that college is such a good fit for you and telling them about the activities that you plan to pursue there. Send your second semester progress report if you have not already done so. Contact your Admissions counselor again on May 2 or 3 to ask about the waitlist. You want to be well-positioned in their mind if they go to their waitlist.

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