News for Juniors from Guidance

Hello Juniors,

By now you should be aware that you should be completing your Junior surveys in Naviance (54 or 22 Question in “About Me”). Once you’ve made that happen, please set up a time for you and a parent or gaurdian to meet with me. Just come on in to the Guidance Office and check in with Ms. Garrity to set something up. Now’s the time to set up yourself to get the most out of your junior year and set yourself up to plan well for “Life After ARHS!”

If you have met with me, expect a follow up email with suggestions and lots of great resources.

It makes sense to go deeper with the Corsava Card Sort that I assigned for your social studies classes. If you did not get that, here’s a link to set up an account and take some time to be really thoughtful about your path.

Regardless of what you are thinking for after graduation, I want to meet with you to support you and help you plan.

Be sure to use your junior year to plan well, work with your school counselor to choose your classes for next year that will be connected to your future plans!

I’m afterschool on Mondays with Amanda Lewis in the Writing Center – it is not too early to start working on your essay (at least brainstorming). Also, come and join me for College in Caf – I’m there most days one lunch period per day.

Use Naviance to begin listing the colleges you are thinking about, this helps both me and your school counselor support you. Also, when admissions officers come, we can invite you to an admissions visit.

Now is the time to plan your April vacation visits (Consider carpooling with friends who aren’t able to get there during break). Also, if you can’t get away, visit local colleges (Amherst, Springfield and Worcester have a bunch of great colleges and universities). If you need help figuring out how to schedule a visit online, let me know.

I’m here to help!

Ms. Cuffee-Gray

See the attached College Search Reference Guide – The College Search Reference Guide.pdf

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