Recycle Your Textiles To Benefit ARHS

Many of us have been seriously spring cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recycle your old and tattered clothes, shoes, and linens and the Amherst PGOs can earn money — at no cost to you.

Bay State Textiles collects used clothing and other textiles. Stained shirts, single socks or sneakers, torn towels…just make sure they’re clean and dry. You can recycle boots, shoes, flip flops, stuffed animals, backpacks, pillows…anything that’s soft. 

Look for the large white donation bins in the parking lot at each Amherst school. The bins are still accessible while the schools are closed, and they are emptied every Friday. If a bin is full please don’t leave clothes outside the bin, but come back after Friday.

About 40% of the clothing that’s collected is still wearable and sent to developing countries. The rest is recycled and turned into fiber products and rags. The ARHS PGO gets paid by the pound so the more you donate, the more money we make!

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