Flu Vaccine Required for all Massachusetts School Students

State public health officials announced that influenza immunization will be required for all children 6 months of age or older who are attending Massachusetts child care, pre-school, kindergarten, K-12, and colleges and universities. The new vaccine requirement is an important step to reduce flu-related illness and the overall impact of respiratory illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Students will be expected to have received a flu vaccine by December 31, 2020 for the 2020-2021 influenza season, unless either a medical or religious exemption is provided.

There is als a new meningococcal vaccine requirement for students attending 11th grade and who are 16 years of age.  The reference to MDPH is here.

https://www.mass.gov/doc/new-meningococcal-conjugate-vaccine-menacwy-requirement-for-school-entry-1/downloadWe would like to ask families to remember to provide documentation to the school nurse when their child receives these vaccines.  Documentation can be faxed to us at 413-549-9753, mailed to us at school or scanned and emailed to Robbin Suprenant, RN at suprenantr@arps.org or Mary O’Brien, RN at obrienm@arps.org.  We can be reached by email or at 413-362-1743 or 413-362-1744 if there are questions.

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