The Attendance Policy Update

Families should call the Absence Notification Line (413-362-1718) or email to report absences, tardies, power outages, and other things that cause their child to be late, or that prevents them from attending class. Those calls and emails will excuse absences and tardies.

A couple of other things to know about the attendance policy: Three unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence. Arriving to or leaving class 20 minutes or more after it has started, without a valid reason, equals an unexcused absence.

Families will receive communication from the school after their student has accumulated three unexcused absences in one Quarter. After six unexcused absences families will receive a letter from the Central Office. At nine unexcused absences, an Attendance Meeting will be scheduled to determine what types of supports the student and family may need to increase attendance, and to determine if the student will receive credit for the class. During the Attendance Meeting, students and their families will discuss the circumstances of the absences with the Dean of Students or a high school administrator. 

Please contact the Main Office at with any questions.

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