UMass Language Acquisition Lab Study- Call for Participants

What do you see when you look at this picture?  What do you think that your child could say about the mushroom groupings?


Did you notice that the mushrooms on top are big and the ones on the bottom are little?  Now can you see that some of the little ones are even littler and some of the big ones are even bigger?  Look at the top row.  Can you point to the little big mushrooms?  Without more specifics, could you point to the big little mushrooms?

If your 8 yr old does not know the difference between “a big little mushroom” and “a little big mushroom” — he or she may need some more opportunities with these kinds of experiences.  If your 4 yr old does not know the difference — he hopefully will acquire it with the relevant exposure.  Your 6 yr old child?  She might be just the age where our experiments not only help us understand language development but benefit from these specially designed activities.  Our ‘experiments’ are unique in that they are created to teach children while also learning from them.  Our goal is for these opportunities to inform classroom experience — and this is based on the invaluable collaboration between you, your school, and the Language Acquisition Lab at UMass.  That’s why Tom Roeper and his team from the UMass Linguistics Department have created an online opportunity for children ages 4 – 15 to explore fun language activities while zooming with a researcher. Email or for more information!  Your child can earn $5 just for participating.

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